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October 15, 2018/Beekeeping

After a very hot summer spent sweating with the bees, I decided to try out a few different ventilated beekeeping jackets. It has been a week since I purchased Forest Beekeeping Ventilated Jacket on Amazon and decided I would share my thoughts on it thus far.

The specific jacket I purchased:

The jacket is surprisingly thick and sturdy feeling for a ventilated jacket. The zippers also feel very heavy and sturdy. The jacket has three nice size pockets on the front for your hive tools and various other supplies. The jacket is true to size and fit as expected.

The downside…I found that the veil has a tendency to tilt back and touch your face, depending on your movements. I suspect this will correct itself as the jacket fabric is used more and perhaps washed a few times. Additionally, as with every ventilated suit, there is a trade off between ventilation and protection.

Based on the price and performance, I would recommend this jacket for beekeepers of all experience levels, especially those looking for lighter weight material to cool them off.I give the Forest Beekeeping ventilated jacket 4.5 Stars out of 5.

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